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Snap-fit, transparent crystaline cover

  • For valves with stem Ø 3.9
  • Crystal is a snap-fit valve-cover actuator.
  • Crystal fits the market requirements for ecological products: its shape, conformation (no side walls) and quality of moulding (allowing a reduced thickness), imply minor consumption of plastic material.
  • In terms of styling, the Crystal actuator features a transparent crystaline cover with the activation zone protected by an unbreakable seal.


V21.112: Crystal spray actuator, suggested for aluminium cans with ogival shoulder, Ø max 53 mm.


V21.113: Crystal anti-perspirant actuator with directional insert, suggested for aluminium cans with ogival shoulder, Ø max 53 mm.


Crystal is an actuator in a spray version and a directional version for deodorants.
The finished article is a single unit, both practical and available for immediate use, with no need for a protective cap.



Both the actuator key and cover can be produced in any number of different translucent colours.
The actuator is available in both micromist insert and directional insert versions.
The former is suitable for alcohol-based deodorants; the latter is suitable for products containing components in suspension, such as anti-perspiration deodorants (AP).