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Airnext is a ready-to-fill and sustainable aerosol pack, winner of ADF Paris 2019 Innovation Awards for the “Aerosol Packaging Technology” category.


MISSION: Optimization of the supply chain of the traditional aerosol pack by providing a sustainable, integrated and efficient solution.


INNOVATION: it consists in delivering a complete pre-pressurized (with compressed gas instead of LPG) aerosol pack to the client.

With this new concept we eliminate the gas filling process for the client and we simplify the overall traditional way of manufacturing aerosols.

Key features


  • Use of compressed air – no LPG
  • 360° dispensing
  • 100% airless guarantee
  • Eco-friendly
  • Patented technology
  • Simplified filling process



  • ACTUATOR: Spray or gel type
  • BAG ON VALVE: Standard bag on valve with innovative plastic mounting cup; plastic cup is laser welded on the pet bottle
  • PET BOTTLE FOR AEROSOLS: Specifically designed for Coster; made of special resin material.
  • BASE: In PP; increases stability on the shelve and allows stacking for easy transportation / handling





  • ⌀ 45 mm: CAN 175 ml, BAG 100 ml
  • ⌀ 56 mm: CAN 335 ml, BAG 200 ml


AirNext vs current aluminium pack


  • Use of alu metal (in weight): AirNext ∼ 1% / Std alu pack ∼ 86%
  • Carbon footprint (in KgCO2E): – 65 %
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Secondary pack (cardboard reduction): Reduction of 0,7 Kg / 000 pcs
    = – 40 %
  • Possibility to use recycled resins (PET) in future
  • Energy Efficiency: > + 500% in net calorific gain
  • Use of compressed air (Not harmful to the environment)
  • Total weight reduction: ∼ -6%

Compressed gases – BOV system pro

  • Airless system for oxygen sensitive products
  • No contamination
  • No preservatives
  • Compatibility/solubility test between product and propellant are not necessary (they are not in contact)
  • Hygienic and sterilisable
  • Reduced spray noise and no chilling effect on skin (soft feeling)
  • Can be used in all position (360°)
  • The absence of propellant results in larger droplet size of the sprays (30-150 micron) and eliminated the risk of any health damaging inhalation particles

AirNext for Sanitizers

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