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Dispenser pumps are finger-actuated mechanisms for the metered dispensing of products in fluid form from non-pressurised containers.

Dispenser pumps are utilized in various market sectors: personal care (soaps), cosmetics (skin products), household products (detergents), food (mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard) etc.
Coster offers a complete range of dispenser pumps in order to meet any application requirement, and manufactures customised versions for its most important customers.



• Wide choice of actuators

• Various dose sizes (from 300 mcl to 2000 mcl)

• Monobloc, threaded or snap-fit closures available

• For soap, cream and high viscosity products

Soap pumps

For soap and high viscosity products.

With threaded closures or snap-on closures.

With or without insert for actuator alignment.

Lotion pumps

For cream.

With threaded closures or monobloc closure with fixed actuator position.

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