Technical capabilities

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Technical capabilities

Coster has a fully equipped worldwide technical network which includes Research & Innovation, Technical & Development, Laboratories, Quality Control and Customer Service.

From Italy, Spain, Argentina, UK, USA, Benelux, Coster is able to provide a complete support to the clients.

More than 50 long-experienced and passionate engineers, chemists, designers, lab technicians, molds experts and project managers are involved in guaranteeing innovation and quality of the Coster’s products and services.

Research & Innovation center (located in Calceranica al Lago – Italy):

  • More than 220 patents registered
  • 3D CAD design & Predictive simulation (mold flow analysis, mechanic, kinematic and fluid dynamic analysis)
  • Internal prototype mold cavities construction
  • Rapid prototipation (3D printing)
  • Proprietary developments and customized solutions
  • Risk management capabilities
  • Project management capabilities
  • Mold testing department and metrological center with state of the art measuring equipment
  • Pharmaceutical specialists
  • New products development/functional tests
  • New materials approval
  • Quality checks / Claim analisys
  • Production / Customer assistance
  • Laboratory testing service
  • Prototipation
  • Regulatory Affairs management
  • Incoming goods inspection

Customer service lab (located in Pero – Italy):

The main focus is to check the compatibility between client’s and Coster’s products, in order to support its own development.

Compatibility, functionality, swelling, spray rate, spray pattern, flammability, corrosion, sealing, new formulations, optimization of client’s formulas and analytical tests, are daily conducted according to both internal Coster protocols and international standards referring to the specific test/product.

In 2017 the lab has conducted more than 2000 tests supporting the client.

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