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Coster has adopted a comprehensive supply chain model as part of its business strategy and it covers all the areas of its operations, from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of finished products to customers.

The objective of Coster supply chain is to synchronize the requirements of the customers with the flow of materials from suppliers in order to get a balance between what are often seen as conflicting goals of high customer service, low inventory management and low unit cost.

Customer satisfaction represents the number one priority and the long-term objective for Coster supply chain is to build and nurture relationships creating a competitive advantage over competitors.

The Four Pillars of Coster’s Supply Chain Strategy

Coster’s supply chain strategy is based on four key pillars: Quality, Efficiency, Responsiveness, and Sustainability.


Quality is a key focus for Coster and it represents the differentiator factor. Coster works to ensure that the materials it sources from suppliers are of the highest quality. All suppliers are compliant with international standards and regulations. Supplier relationships represent a competitive advantage.


Coster’s supply chain strategy focuses on ensuring its operations across the globe are efficient and cost-effective. The company has invested in modern manufacturing technologies and integrated supply chain systems to optimize operations and produce at the most competitive cost and quality.


Coster’s supply chain strategy is also focused on ensuring that its products are delivered to customers in a timely manner. The company employs a customer-centric approach throughout the process to ensure its supply chain is agile and responsive, so it can adapt efficiently and effectively to every customer need.


Coster is committed to reducing its environmental impact and ensuring that its supply chain is socially responsible. The company works to reduce its environmental impact through the adoption of sustainable production practices and the implementation of waste and energy reduction initiatives. It also works to ensure that its suppliers follow ethical labour practices. (Suppliers)

The Fifth pillar


People are the key element to deliver the strategy and that is why Coster works to create an environment where employees are engaged, motivated and developed.

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