Coster Group / Suppliers

At Coster we believe in the importance of building long term relationships with our suppliers. We consider our suppliers as critical partners, contributing to the ongoing and sustainable success of our business. We want to create relationship and partnerships in order to execute business improvements together and achieve a long lasting competitive edge. We believe that a professional and common approach can enhances collaboration and increases the performance of Coster as well as that of our suppliers.

We are recognized as a company that inspires trust and respect and that creates value both for our suppliers and for ourselves, taking into account our environmental, social and economic requirements.

Responsible Procurement


As a critical part of our value chain, the performance of our suppliers directly impacts the sustainability performance and commitments of Coster.

That is why Coster Group’s focus on developing good business practices is not limited to our activities but also extends to our suppliers. Coster expects all its suppliers to adhere to values and principles consistent with its own.


Our sustainable procurement strategy helps us drive high standards or environmental and social responsibility among our suppliers and more broadly across business and society. In 2019 we obtained 3rd party Statements of Conformity of the Social Responsibility and Sustainable Procurement models respectively to ISO 26000 and ISO 20400 at Group level.

The Supplier Code Of Conduct


Coster considers collaboration with its supply chain to be an integral part of its success and therefore, strives to operate as an integrated team with its Suppliers in the framework of the Sustainable Procurement Policy.

Their adherence to Coster’s social, ethical and environmental principles is a prerequisite to becoming a Supplier and developing a lasting business relationship with Coster.

The Supplier’s full alignment with the Supplier Code of Conduct is therefore fundamental to our long-term success.

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