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Sustainability in Coster

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As a global leader manufacturer in the Aerosol and Dispensing Packaging business, we at Coster consider Sustainability with the highest importance and our responsibility towards all stakeholders both internal and outside our factories.

Our commitment to environment, social and ethical practices, continuously invests in culture and education, infrastructure, technology, innovation and tangible initiatives both at single facilities and at Group level.


As a Women Owned Enterprise, Coster registered its business with WEConnect International, thus becoming part of the global network connecting women-owned businesses with buyers around the world.

The Sustainability and Social Responsibility Group function translates the Governance strategies and policies into assessments, Material action plans, objectives, metrics, monitoring and Accountable reporting.
The Sustainable Model adopted by Coster Group is certified ISO 26000, thus complying with the requirement of these Guidelines for the seven core subjects of Social Responsibility.



The Sustainable Procurement Model adopted by Coster Group has obtained the certification ISO 20400. 


Sustainability Reports

In the framework of the structured approach to Sustainability, based on commitment and accountability, Coster issues every year its Sustainability Report to disclose non-financial information. The Reports comply with the GRI Standards – Core Level, in order to provide a transparent and modular reporting on economic, environmental and social impacts “material” for Coster.

The Coster Ethical Code and Organisational Model

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Coster has issued and spread its Ethical Code  in the corporate and through the Supply Chain, for the purpose of providing a set of commonly agreed values and principles which reflect Coster commitment towards conducting business responsibly.
The foundations of our beliefs are the fair and integrity business, the respect of human rights that also reflects the commitment to continuously enhance the life in the workplace, Safety, health and environment protection.


The Organisational Model adopted by Coster describes the set of rules, both operational and deontological, set by the Company according to the specific activities and pursuant to the provisions of Italian Decree 231. Among the purposes the Model, to raise awareness of the importance of correct and transparent behavior among the Addressees, in line with the ethical and social values of Coster, to strengthen the culture of internal controls and risks management, to protect Coster’s reputation towards all stakeholders, to ensure that all business activities comply with current regulations. Following the transposition in Italy of the EU Whistleblowing Directive (2019/1937) aimed at protecting anyone who reports work-related misconduct, through the legislative decree 10 March 2023, n. 24, Coster is currently updating its own Whistleblowing Scheme.

EcoVadis CSR Assessment



Coster regularly join EcoVadis to assess the integration of the CSR principles into the business and management system and gain evidence-based Sustainability rating


The Environment

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Ten manufacturing facilities and our main warehouse operate according to the ISO 14001 certified environmental management system, three of them are also certified ISO 50001 for the energy management system.

Coster renew the participation to CDP Program relevant to Climate Change and Water footprint. See the last score report for Climate Change

Starting from 2020, all the Coster factories in Europe purchase and use 100% of energy from renewable sources.

Almost 100% of lighting in the production and warehouse areas in the whole Group is provided by LED bulbs. Fully electric injection moulding machines and high technology plants are the means pursued by Coster to achieve the energy consumption reduction targets.

The sustainable innovation and research is strongly committed in design for recyclability and eco-design, with a specific focus on the use Post Consumer Recycled polyolefins and supported by capabilities and tools to issue qualified LCA.

The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment”

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In 2020 Coster became a signatory of “The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment” which was launched by Ellen MacArthur Foundation in collaboration with UN Environment Programme. This foundation is a UK-based charity, committed to the creation of a circular economy that tackles some of the biggest challenges of our time, such waste, pollution and climate change. In a circular economy nothing becomes waste and everything has value, creating benefits for society, the environment and the economy.


Coster joined the Global Commitment to challenge the current ‘take, make, waste’ extractive industrial model by redesigning products and processes to eliminate the plastic we don’t need, to innovate so that all plastic we do need is 100% reusable, recyclable, to circulate all the plastic we use and to switch to renewable energy sources.


Find out more about our targets and progress in the Global Commitment 2021 Signatory Report.

The Social Responsibility

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People are at the centre of Coster’s policies and strategies. Coster firmly believes and counts on people value, therefore is strongly committed to safeguard the human rights, guarantee the best working conditions as well as the labor practices, be active for collectivity by finding ways to do good.

Coster has zero tolerance to slavery and human trafficking, which is reflected in our approach to Modern Slavery Act obligations. We make sure that all those in our supply chain and contractors comply with our values.

Safety is a strategy pillar: continuous investments in all necessary measures supporting the prevention and protection system. Two manufacturing facilities have obtained the certification for the Occupational Health and safety management System standard ISO 45001.

Coster pursues the monitoring and transparency targets by continuing the voluntary program of SMETA IV Pillars audits and assessment of the group companies commissioned to an external notified body.

A program to conduct initiatives directed to external communities is targeted to support EDUCATION AND SCHOOLING according to the specific territorial context, like including aiding the access to education to disadvantaged people supporting high-tech and innovation centers, specialized institutes, promoting scholarships for unprivileged students.

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