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Perfumery pumps

Coster offers a wide range of perfumery pumps specifically designed to satisfy every packaging need and preserve every note of the fragrance. The three pump families (Alba – MPE/MHP – CP) combine high quality with superior spray experience, covering all type of markets.

Alba is a superior performance pump for prestige fragrances.

MPE/MHP pumps are the standard options for a wide range of market segments, available globally.

CP pump series are specifically designed for mass market fragrances.

Spray pumps

MSP (Mono Spring Pre-compressed) is Coster’s prime fine mist spray pump series. It combines a high quality spray with accurate dosing and fast priming. Thanks to the superior pre-compression technology with a single double diameter spring of the MSP engine, it ensures an excellent atomization and a gentle and linear actuation. MSP pumps are the ideal spray solution for a variety of applications, such as deodorants, hair care products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Dispenser pumps

Coster has two main families of dispensing pumps.

NSCP (New Soap Coster Pump) is Coster’s latest addition to the dispensing catalogue. The pump features best in class characteristics and a metal-free pathway. It was specifically designed to work with high viscosity product. Equipped with an optional protective clip, it is Amazon ISTA-6 ready for e-commerce shipment.

SCP (Soap Coster Pump) is Coster’s long running dispensing pump. The robust and reliable design make it the preferred choice for consumer products all over the world.