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Innovation: improving products and processes

Coster has a strong and well proven reputation in new product developmentinnovation is part of its strategy and a key driver of growth for the future.


Two Innovation Centers of Excellence with more than 40 technicians involved:

· Italy: Valves, Pumps and Actuators CoE
· Spain: Perfumery Pump CoE


Coster’s innovation centres are responsible for all product development, which consits in both introduction of new stock items that responds to specific market needs and the development of custom solutions based on client’s briefs.


Coster was the first company to introduce the BOV in the market, on a technical application.

As of today, more than 220 patents and patent applications filled.

Thanks to skilled teams of designers, lab technicians, sales & marketing Coster provides complete custom solutions both for aerosol & spray systems and filling machinery able to meet every clients’ needs.

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