Coster Group / Expertise

Products, services and values

Manufacturing Excellence

Knowledge and high technology to guarantee the quality in terms of product and service

Dedicated customer approach

Skilled team of designers, laboratory technicians, sales & marketing serving the project

Quality and full traceability

Each component and raw material is monitored within the production chain.

100% automated in-line controls


Quality control laboratories

Customer service laboratories

Supply Chain management

Production features


Plants producing single product lines.

Vertical integration

Moulding and assembly in the same facility.


System & product quality consistency throughout all facilities.


Towards 100% coverage of production flow logistics.

ISO 22716

1st aerosolĀ  valve and actuator manufacturer to obtain ISO 22716 Cosmetics GMPs in 4 plants.

ISO 9001

Rigorous conformance to ISO 9001 norms in every manufacturing plant.

ISO 15378

Primary packaging materials for medicinal products (GMP Pharma) in our Pharma plant.

Coster Group