Coster and Catidom form a strategic alliance for metal anodization


Coster and Catidom form a strategic alliance for metal anodization

Coster and Catidom, a French leading supplier of anodized metal components, announce a strategic partnership to drive joint growth in beauty packaging. 

With this partnership, Coster adds new and complementarity capabilities to its perfumery portfolio.  The new range of products and services available to Coster ensures Coster will be able to offer its customers greatly improved lead times and custom colour development opportunities.  Catidom, leveraging on Coster’s international reach and positioning, will be able to accelerate its growth plan and significantly increase their presence in the perfumery and cosmetics market. 

Within the field of perfumery Catidom will be able to focus its expertise on the anodization of components for pumps (actuator shells, ferrules and collars) and bottles (caps and closures). Whilst in the make-up market, the goal to further strengthen capabilities in anodizing custom aluminium components for products such as lip-stick, mascara, nail polish and jars can be achieved. 

To face the increasing anodization demand and support the growth the partnership will drive, Catidom will continue to invest in the business, upgrading its current 8 fully automated production lines with new capabilities. This will include advances such as new machinery for the automatic feeding / de-feeding of the metal components which will drive efficiencies even higher. Also, and even more exciting, is the investment in a 9th production line dedicated to special colours for perfumery components which is planned to be installed at the Annecy facility in the coming months.

Commenting on the partnership, Bernard Msellati, CEO of Coster, said: “Catidom and Coster are a great strategic fit across multiple dimensions. Catidom’s anodizing capabilities are very complementary to our perfumery pump product portfolio.  The scarcity of anodizing capacity is well known in the market and this way we are securing it for a sector of high strategic relevance. Our clients will benefit from improved lead times and capabilities, such as custom colour development”.

“On Catidom’s side, we will take advantage of Coster’s global network and resources to grow further. Along with the reinforced focus on perfumery and cosmetics, we will carry on our activity as general anodizing partner, continuing to serve clients in automotive, sports equipment, defence and luxury. In fact, capacity will be increased in these fields as well, with a dedicated line for hard anodization for automotive and large production runs due to be inaugurated this September 2019”.  

“We are both family owned companies and we share the same values of integrity, innovation, technical excellence and sustainability.  The partnership between Catidom and Coster is a direct answer to clients concerned about anodization and we look forward to playing a major role in this segment”, concluded Bernard Msellati.