Coster in Europe moves to 100% green energy


Coster in Europe moves to 100% green energy

Coster are extremely proud to announce a major milestone in its ambition to source 100% renewable energy worldwide.

Starting from January 2020 all factories, offices and warehouses in Europe will be powered by 100% renewable grid electricity.

Cleaner energy is important for the world today and for the generations that will inherit it in the future. With small but important actions such as these, Coster aims to inspire its suppliers and customers to follow in its steps and drive industry toward more and more green energy investments.

Not only has Coster embraced this sustainable purchasing initiative but efforts have been doubled to reduce total energy consumption.  This includes launching and implementing  multiple energy saving programs across many of its production sites.  With a strong pipeline of activities, the coming years will see further investment into sustainable energy solutions across many of the manufacturing facilities which will drive even greater green energy efficiencies.

As a next step Coster will target a move to sourcing renewable energy outside of Europe, seeking opportunities to increase “own generation” of green energy through new investments in areas such as solar energy.