New central warehouse in Novaledo (TN) – Italy


New central warehouse in Novaledo (TN) – Italy

Coster Group are always looking to implement new ways to be more efficient and sustainable in every aspect of the business.

Reducing our emissions is an important objective within our logistic and transport concepts.

In September 2020 Coster opened a new central warehouse in Novaledo, Trento. The location was selected to minimise the distance between Coster’s production sites and customers. The main purpose of the build is to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the logistic network, to re-purpose the warehouse space in the Italian factories for year on year growth and to reduce the logistic complexity.

Thanks to the new warehouse Coster will also be able to achieve synergies by consolidating transport between the individual plant’s warehouses. Coster, in great detail, designed and developed the warehouse to deliver a modern logistic facility using the latest product tracking technology. RFID and the Warehouse Manage System have been implemented and linked with the new ERP system SAP/Hana. This represents the first step to digitise our logistic and supply chain. The warehouse offers a staggering +3,000 pallet spaces with a narrow aisle racking system to utilise the internal space to ensure the warehouse is being optimised to its highest efficiency.

The new warehouse in Novaledo is another milestone Coster has accomplished to be more efficient, to reduce more carbon footprint throughout Coster’s network and to paving the way to better service.