New aerosol and pumps facility in India


New aerosol and pumps facility in India

Calceranica al Lago, Italy – 3rd February, 2021


Coster Group announces the start of operation in its new production facility in Neemrana, Rajasthan, India.

As part of the Group’s growth plan and strategic focus on the Indian market, Coster decided to expand its local activities setting up a brand new and state of the art facility. The company was previously located in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, from where it successfully served local clients for the past 30 years.

Neemrana is located at around 100Km from the Indira Gandhi International airport in New Delhi and it is one of the best industrial areas around the Delhi region.

The new facility, spread over 60,000 square feet, is dedicated to perfumery pumps, spray pumps and aerosol valves assembly. The operation is compliant with Cosmetic GMPs regulatory and Coster Group quality standard. Pumps and valves are manufactured with fully automated equipment provided by Coster Robotics, Coster’s dedicated unit for assembly technologies.

A total of EUR 10M was invested into the new plant and machinery, allowing a considerable increase in capacity to serve the growing and demanding Indian market. Also, Coster has inaugurated in the new site the first Indian aerosol valves production operation, setting a major milestone for the rising local market.

“Coster Neemrana is set to become the benchmark plant for pumps and aerosol valves in India. We have brought the Coster expertise in terms of manufacturing excellence and technical know-how, making it available for the local market, which we successfully serve since many years. India is a strategic growth market for Coster and we want to be the supplier of choice for the many Indian companies demanding dispensing solutions”, explains Deepak Agrawal, Managing Director Coster India.    


About Coster

Coster Group is a multinational provider of spray packaging solutions and aerosol filling equipment. The company is family owned and was founded in 1963 in Italy, employing nowadays 1,000 employees. It addresses all segments of the market with a complete range of aerosol valves and actuators, spray pumps, dispensers and anodizing solutions and has a global production network spread across four continents. The growth plan of Coster is based on sustainability and innovation, with the main ambition to provide the market with sustainable dispensing packaging solutions. The company is the world’s only supplier of both aerosol packaging components and filling machinery.


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