Capri PCR
Category: PCR components
Sustainability plus
  • Recycled

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With its universal and unisex look, Capri is suitable for valves with stem Ø 3.9 and eurostem Ø 3.3 and it is suggested for aluminum cans with ogival shoulder Ø max 45mm.

Finger pad, collar and over cap can be supplied in any colour, allowing unlimited combinations.

100% suitable for personal care and food contact: the spray channel and the micro mist are made in virgin plastic (no contact between PCR and product).

Capri PCR version keeps all the features of the standard Capri actuator and keeps the same manufacturing tooling.

Standard colours: grey and ivory (other colours available on request)


PCR resin 0

Compared to the total weight of plastic.

The PCR components are moulded with a PP resin grade containing at least 98% post-consumer recycled material.

Carbon Footprint reduction 0

LCA (Carbon footprint analysis) can be available on request

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