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Glove On is designed to create and apply a temporary, removable film on the skin that both disinfects and shields hands from the outer environment.


Using aerosol technology, the consumer applies the special mousse to their hands and distributes it evenly until it dries (approximately 20 seconds).

The mousse instantly kills all germs and bacteria (thanks to its alcohol content) and the invisible film does not irritate the skin.

To remove the ‘glove’, the user must wash their hands with soap encouraging a correct hand hygiene; the glove lasts until hands are washed (hot water and soap is needed – rain does not wash out the glove)


Glove On was conceived as a sustainable alternative to plastic gloves and their numerous downsides (including disposability and plastic waste, impairment of hand dexterity, increased risk of hand accidents, potential skin irritation, limited tactile sensitivity)


How it works:


  • Consumer applies the mousse on the hands and distributed evenly the product until it dries (about 20 seconds)
  • The mousse instantly kills all germ / bacteria
  • The mousse creates an invisible film on the skin; it does not irritate
  • the skin perfectly shields from the outside
  • To remove the “glove”, consumer must wash hands with soap



  • Disinfection of hands
  • Creation of a protective glove that shields from outer environment
  • Eco-friendly: no plastic waste
  • Enhanced ergonomics: no impairment of hand dexterity
  • Consumer is “forced” to wash hands with soap to remove
  • the glove, fostering a proper hand hygiene
  • Slight oily effect reminds the consumer to have a protective film on skin to be removed (desired effect)
  • Not dirty, does not leave any traces
  • Easy to use, no dripping from hands
  • Safe
  • Innovative

Suggested packaging components


V05.990: 1 ” actuator for foam for upside-down use

V05.988: 1 ” actuator for foam for upside-down use

NKR: Inverted standard valve



V05.967: 1″ actuator for foam

V05.992:  1″ actuator for foam

NKPM: Standard valve without vapour phase

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