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53eC is a brand new indexing machine designed for high output, extra flexibility and connectivity.


The machine results from years of continued innovation and research, specifically addressing the challenges of a market which is becoming more and more dynamic, fast changing and evolving to a higher level of Industrial Automation.

Sustainability plus


53eC assures strong sustainability benefits by minimizing energy consumptions, inefficiencies and waste, all in one machine which is intuitive and user friendly for the operators and allows remote production monitoring and predictive maintenance programs.


Key Features


  • High production capacity with the possibility to work in three different configurations: triple, double as well as single pitch, which can be interchangeable according to the client’s needs with maximum speed up to 120 CPM.
  • 36 head positions
  • Suitable for filling all kinds of cans and bottles
  • High end industrial automation with brushless motors and with all the operations electronically controlled
  • Quality inspection via camera systems
  • Simple, flexible, and completely connected with Industrial IoT

“Nowadays, aerosol filling operations are under great pressure to deliver on competitiveness and productivity in a market that requires full flexibility and fast time to market. With 53eC, we aim at providing an answer to these needs, combining the flexibility advantages of the indexing technology with full process control and triple-pitch configuration to ensure high productivity. And all with easy-to-use ergonomics and interfaces as well as full connectivity for real-time production monitoring and data control.” 

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