Vortex technology
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Coster has developed proprietary “Vortex” technology to optimize spray performance of insert-less actuators.


The idea behind this technology is to offer a sustainable but also efficient solution in terms of spraying performance that also presents relevant cost advantages.

Vortex technology recreates inside the actuator the same swirls generated by inserts, delivering a spray on par of actuators with traditional insert.

Key features


  • Recyclable as no pom inserts are used
  • Use of PCR is possible
  • Cost competitive as no assembly required
  • Special insert-less spray technology with superior nebulization performances

Why insertless?


Nowadays, the need to design more sustainable products often leads to the development of mono-material packaging components in order to facilitate their disposal after use.


Most aerosol actuators can be easily removed from the can but are not recyclable because of the POM (acetal resin) insert that contaminates PET recycling streams.

Anyway inserts are usually required for optimizing spray nebulization, since today’s insert-less actuators show inferior spray performances.

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