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SCP long-running reliable dispenser pump, already available with a closure moulded in PCR resin, has now been developed in a new version, with codename SCPG (Soap Coster Pump Green).

Stem and ball of the SCPG are both manufactured in polypropylene and this brand new configuration helps the recycling process by removing from the components the POM resin which represents an inseparable contaminant in the existing sorting streams (in practice and at scale).

Key features


  • Pump type: dispenser
  • Pump family: SCP
  • Available dosage: 2000 µl
  • Actuator: compatible with all SCP actuators
  • Closure: compatible with all SCP closures

SCPG is fully recyclable


Cyclos-HTP also determined the Valuable Material Content (%) of the pump in three different recycle streams:


67% – 73%


85% – 88%


88% – 91%

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