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CosterEco is the new technology developed by Coster to optimize the performance of aerosols filled with compressed gases (air, nitrogen).


The system combines valves specifically developed for the use with compressed gases adopting special inserts and actuators; the filling process is made with the same equipment used nowadays. The CosterEco project is not only environmentally sustainable but this solution is also cost effective and brings an improvement on the system safety.


Actual gas compressed systems from Coster can be used with perfumes, body sprays and deodorants.

In the next step the focus will be the development of solutions that can work also for antiperspirant, sea water nasal solution, hair sprays and paints.

CosterEco keeps the same spray performance as LPGs propelled aerosols.

Why compressed gases?

Cost effective



Sustainability is pushing the aerosol world to more eco-friendly solutions; compressed gases are an answer to this need with a partial shift away from commonly used LPG gases. Since the born of the aerosol, LPG gases were widely used due to the optimal spray performance with a large variety of products; obtaining the same spray performance with compressed gases, such as compressed air, nitrogen and mixture of the two is a real challenge for the next years, a challenge that should be overcome for the next generations.


CosterEco key features

  • Technology readily available; production equipment available
  • Available globally in all locations
  • No volume restrictions; available for large scale production
  • Tailored technical assistance
  • No product streaming
  • Same quality and reliability as with standard aerosol components
  • Standard valve design – same complexity of std LPG solutions
  • Standard filling process – no line adaptations

Packaging components

Valve: NKPM, LKE or KV (depending on filling process)

Actuators: series 700, 1700 and 2100; Milano Eco

Insert: dedicated proprietary design


Packaging components to be selected depending on formulation features; interaction between components and formulation is critical to the success of the product and needs to be studied case by case (i.e. alcol content of formulation makes huge difference)

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