Easy Off
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When the product in an aerosol can is empty, the user is in the habit of throwing away the can into the waste container dedicated to the metal because it is difficult to separate the plastic actuator from the can, especially if the actuator is fixed to the valve cap. This is the cause of an environmental damage as the plastic which the actuator is made of cannot be properly recycled.


EasyOff is a 1 inch actuator which can be securely fixed to the can but at the same time easily removed and therefore properly collected, sorted, reprocessed and reintegrated in a new application.

The most suitable design for EasyOff is that made of only one material, without nozzle, atomizing thanks to a special device called Vortex System.


Mechanism & technology


EasyOff actuator comprises a finger recess with a supporting rib able to sag when the recess is pushed by a finger. This sagging combined with a leverage effect allows the actuator to be removed from the can.


The simple and intuitive design, the easiness of production and the remarkable environmental value provide the key feature of EasyOff.

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