Coster Group achieves B rating in 2023 CDP Climate Change score


Coster Group achieves B rating in 2023 CDP Climate Change score

Coster Group has achieved a B rating in the 2023 CDP Climate Change score. This score places Coster above the overall average global score of C.

This achievement demonstrates the Group’s unwavering commitment to continuously reducing the carbon footprint of its operations and products. The company is dedicated to involving its entire supply chain in this process to achieve a collective environmental impact.


We are actively working towards meeting our sustainability targets and improving our environmental performance following the guidance of our 2023-2030 roadmap and the actions outlined within it” states Andrea Raineri, Chief Sustainability Officer at Coster. “We ensure our energy-saving and emission-reduction plans meet established timelines and align with our stakeholders’ expectations”.


The company’s sustainability efforts focus on several key areas:

  • Implementing annual consumption reduction measures
  • Achieving zero-emission status in scopes 1 and 2 (covering direct and indirect emissions from owned or controlled sources)
  • Reducing the carbon footprint across its entire supply chain
  • Innovating its products to be lighter and have a lower environmental impact


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